Salmon fishing tours

Even though we specialize in Brown trout & Arctic char fishing, we offer several choices of salmon fishing. We can take you to rivers like Fnjoská, Reykjadalsá, Blanda and Jökulsá á Brú (Jökla) to fish for Atlantic salmon. Those rivers are quite different,  Fnjoská, Laxá in Adaldal  and Jökla are big rivers and are better fished with double handed rods, while Blanda and Reykjadalsá can easily be fished with single handed rods. Still, Jökla has a few nice tributaries that are smaller and are also better fished with lighter rods. The big runs into those rivers are mostly based on grilse that are usually 3 – 6 lbs, but they all get good number of 2 winter´s salmon. Laxá is especially famous for its 2 winter´s and almost every summer a fish in the range of 25 lbs is caught.

Practical Information

Season: July 1st  –  September 20th

Duration: Tour length according to client’s requests, but can often be 2 – 3 days.

Accommodation: Full board or self-catering available

Number of rods: Several options available




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