Reykjadalsá runs through the Reykjadalur Valley and into Lake Vestmannsvatn. From the lake the river runs further north and into the famous Laxá in Adaldalur. In the years 1978-1998 the average annual catch in the river were approximately 310 salmon and 3000 Brown trout and Arctic char. During the nineties fewer and fewer salmon were caught every year, but in 2001 the current river manager implemented a strict catch and release policy fro salmon. This policy has been in place ever since. However, anglers are allowed to keep the trout and char that they catch. Since 2001 approximately 150 salmon on average are caught in the river annually, but the catch can vary considerably from year to year. Prime time for salmon fishing is usually late July and early August.

Given that Reykjadalsá is a contributor to the great Laxá in Adaldalur it goes without saying that big salmon can run up the river. The salmon here average between  4 – 10 pounds. However,  fish up to 20 pounds have been caught in the river in recent years.

Bookings for the season 2015 have started  

  • Location

    Thingeyjarsysla, about 80 km from Akureyri.

  • Season

    1st July – 30st September. Average catch: 310 salmon.

  • Fishing area

    37 km long river, double bank, 6 rods.

  • Accommodation

    Anglers have access to a modern self-serve lodge with 4 double rooms and a sleeping loft that sleeps 4 people. Within one hour drive from the lodge visitors will find some of Iceland’s most beautiful natural phenomena. Among them are Lake Mývatn and Ásbyrgi canyon. It´s  a 30 minute drive from the lodge to the coastal town of Húsavik,  one of the best places in the country for whale watching.

  • Number of rods

    6 rods; Catch and release policy on salmon.