Litlaá & Skjálftavatn

Litlaá runs from Skjálftavatn which was created in an earthquake. Litlaá & Skjálftavatn are special because it has relatively warm water, with some cold creeks running into it. Litlaá has three different salmonids migrating into it. Arctic char and Sea trout migrate from the sea and the lake has a good population of wild Brown trout, which migrate down into the upper part of the river both for feeding and spawning.

In Litlaá & Skjálftavatn the Brown trout can be huge.  The biggest one caught on record weighed in at 23 lbs. Every year there are some fish caught in the range of 10 – 15 lbs. The Sea-trout can also be large, up to 12-13 lbs. and are dispersed over the entire river in spring and again in autumn.

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  • Season

    May 1st.  – October 10th.

  • Species

    Brown trout, Arctic char, Sea trout and occasionally salmon. Fly only and catch & release policy.

  • Accommodation

    Full services are available in Keldunes, which offers accommodation in a guesthouse with 6 double rooms, with hand basin and 2 small cottages. The cottages are fully furnished with private bathroom each.

    Skúlagardur guesthouse offers accommodation in single, double and triple rooms as well as sleeping bag accommodation with access to cooking-facilities. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Number of rods


  • Location

    Northern Iceland. 1.5 hours from Akureyri.

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