Laxá river in Mývatnssveit

Laxá in Mývatnssveit is without a doubt among the best Brown trout rivers in the world. It has a rich birdlife, which is a joy to watch. Laxá is the most fertile stream in Iceland. Black fly larvae sift substances from the water and constitute the river’s most important food.

The Brown trout is of all sizes but the main attraction is the sizable weight. The most common size of the Brown trout is two up to three lbs. but six up to eight lbs. fish is not uncommon at all.

The Mývatnssveit beat is situated where river Laxá flows from lake Mývatn in three channels. It alternately cascades or flows in still pools among beautiful islets grown with wood cranesbills, angelica, buttercups and willow.

Our guides have been fishing these waters since childhood and its fair to say this is the top of their pick.

  • Season

    June 1st – August 30th

  • Species

    Brown trout. Fly only and we recommend catch & release (especially all fish over 50 cm)

  • Duration

    Tour length according to client’s requests

  • Accommodation

    Full service in the Lodge Hof, sleeps up to 30 people.

  • Number of rods


  • Location

    North-eastern Iceland. 1 hour from Akureyri.

  • Beats