Arnarvatnsá & Skagaheiði

Lakes and Rivers in the upland Arnarvatnsheidi and Skagaheidi.

Those upland moors have plenty of beautiful lakes and small rivers to fish. The main species found here are non-migratory Arctic char, but there are some big Brown trout in the lakes, which run into the rivers late in autumn and are commonly caught in the spring. It is not unusual to catch a char around 2 lbs and the trout can be up to 7-8 lbs.

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  • Season

    June 10th – July 15th.

  • Species

    Arctic char and Brown trout.  Fly, worm and spinning. Feel free to take fish for the table.

  • Accommodation

    There are several lodges by the lakes, for up to 15 anglers. The houses are all gas heated and include cooking facilities. Tableware and cooking utensils are provided in each house as well.

    When the weather is good, the best adventure is to take a tent and hike the creeks or around the lakes to explore as many spots as possible.

  • Location

    North-western Iceland. 3-4 hours from Reykjavík and 1-2 hours from Akureyri.

  • Number of rods

    no limit.