In Northern Iceland there are many good fishing rivers. Some are considered special because they have all the native salmonides, although anglers usually concentrate their efforts on the salmon. Iceland Trout Adventures specializes instead on rivers better known for Brown Trout or Arctic Char. These species present the angler with a special challenge. The average weight of the fish is high, and the fish often display strong fighting spirit coupled with natural strength. The fish can be very choosy about the type of bait they will take, and it can be incredibly challenging to find exactly the right fly – but we are up for every challenge.

Iceland Trout Adventures offers guided fly fishing tours throughout Northern Iceland. Each of our guide staff grew up fishing its amazing waters and are eager to share their expertise. Unlike most Icelandic guides, we practice the full range of fly fishing techniques to land  trout, char as well as salmon. If you want to go fly fishing in Iceland then book your next fishing tour with us and be assured the ultimate fishing experience.


Fannar Árnason

Fannar Árnason


Fannar´s dedication and hunger towards fly fishing is just amazing. He starts the season in subzero conditions and ends it when he can not break the ice off the line and the loops any more. He has great knowledge of Laxá and waters running in the Mývatn area. He has been fishing these waters since he was a child. In winter time he spends his time tying flies which we are selling over the season.

Gísli Árnason

Gísli Árnason


Gísli is a very passionate angler with an extensive experience of fly fishing in Iceland. He is hooked on dry-fly fishing and Laxá in Mývatnssveit is his second home during the summer. He possesses the advantages that the big fish is “attracted” to him. Gísli and Fannar are brothers and have been fishing together since their father brought them along on his tours.


Iceland is the friendliest place in the world:  Read more..

Fishing Times and Licensing

In all the rivers that we offer, there is a daily fishing period of 12 hours.  This period is from 7:00 am to 13:00 pm and  16:00 pm until 22:00 pm. However, it has been allowed in some rivers to bend this rule, as long as anglers fish no more than 12 hours.  One may fish 24 hours a day on some of our lakes . Though not recommend,  this is possible during the perpetual  sunny days of early summer. Fishing licenses are most often sold in 2 or 9 day slots,  change-overs are at midday

Getting North and Beyond

Anglers from Europe usually arrive in Keflavik airport mid-day, around 15:00-16:30 pm, and have enough time to get to Reykjavik to catch domestic flight to Akureyri. If you are arriving later, from Europe, we recommend that you stay overnight in Reykjavik.  Anglers from USA usually arrive early in the morning, so in that case you can take an early domestic flight to Akureyri. So, give yourself the time you need to get north to the adventures!

Prices for the season 2017

It´s Iceland Trout Adventures aim to plan tours that meet the needs and demands of every angler and suits his budget.  Please contact us for more information and advice on how you can plan your dream fishing trip.

Arctic char

Brown trout


Sea trout

The Right Gear


The  temperature in these areas can vary in the summer from 5°C (41 F) to 25°C (77 F). We recommend that you bring some warm clothes to wear underneath both waders and wading jackets.


To be well prepared for fishing in the rivers and lakes that we offer, you will need two fly rods, one 8-9“for line 4-5 and another 9” for line 6-7. We recommend breathable waders, because of some distance walking. The leaders to use need to be from 4x – 6x for most of the char fishing and 2x – 4x for most of the trout fishing.


The perfect dry flies to use on a nice day are the following:  Black Gnat, and Black Ants – mainly dark colored flies from 12-20.

The selection of flies is quite significant, and for many years bead head nymphs have become more and more popular in Iceland. There are many Icelandic patterns commonly used here for both Brown trout and char that may not be familiar to you. Krokurinn, Beykir, Gudmann, Rondin, Glódin and the Latex sisters are classical. Other effective patterns, probably better known abroad, include the Pheasant Tail, Peacock, Hare’s ear, Olive green, Mobuto, Watson Fancy, Bloodworms and the Killer.

The most common streamers used include the following: Rektor, Dentist, Black Ghost, Mickey Finn, Black Nobler and Grey Ghost for Brown trout and Heimasæta, Pink and blue, Peter Ross, Orange & Pink Nobler and Muddlers for the Arctic char.

Old fashion wet flies can also be effective; the Watson Fancy, March Brown, Connemara Black, Teal and Blue, McCinty, Black Zulu and Alder e.g.

Please, contact us for information regarding salmon flies.

All sorts of flies are available for purchase from the guides of Iceland Trout Adventures.