Daily fishing tours

We offer daily fishing tours for anglers of all ages, whatever their skill levels are. What is fascinating about fishing is that it suits wide range of people, which love outdoor and the thrill of catching strong trout in its natural habitat.

In our daily fishing tours we  include tours to rivers surrounding and nearby the town Akureyri; such as Eyjafjardará, HorgáSvarfadardalsá, Fnjóská, Arnarvatnsá/Helluvatnsá and Laxá in Adaldal (Torfur).  We also offer excursions to nearby lakes and creeks including Ljósavatn, Vestmannsvatn and Kringluvatn. Anglers will have the opportunity to fish for Arctic char, Brown Trout and Sea trout.

Half day, is a fishing tour where we will pick you up at your hotel or any other place and take you to a river or lake that suits your skills and desire. The tour is up to 6 hours, with guiding, transportation and fishing licenses.

Full day, is a fishing tour where we will pick you up and take you for an unforgettable day of fishing. The same things are included, as on a half day tour.