Brown trout fishing tours

Iceland Trout Adventures offers guided brown trout fishing tours to some well known Brown trout rivers in Iceland. These rivers are all located in the northern Iceland, all in the range of 2 hours’ drive from the town Akureyri.  Iceland Trout Adventures recommends that on your trip to Iceland you get the chance to fish at least two of the following rivers. These are Litlaá, Brunná, Laxá in Thingeyjarsýsla,  Reykjadalsá, Arnarvatnsá & Helluvatnsá and Svartá in Bárdardal. These rivers are suited for all the techniques used in fly fishing, but the use of nymph and dry flies have proved more effective in recent years.

Combination possibilities

Reykjadalsá river and the so called beats, Torfur,  in Laxá in Thingeyjarsysla are well suited as a combination package.  These are in 10 minutes drive from each others.  Reykjadalsá is a small river and has easy access to most fishing spots. However,  at Torfur one might need to do quite a lot of wading and even to use a boat to get to some fishing spots.

Brunná and Litlaá are close to each other (about 20 km) and can be fished as a combination for few days.  These rivers must be approached with great caution, due to large trout that are quite spooky and easy to scare.  Using  dry flies and nymphs are excellent in those rivers, but streamers are effective as well.

If you are going to fish the famous section of Laxá, Laxá in Mývatnssveit, we highly recommend a brown trout fishing tour package of 3 days. This is due to the fact that we want you to experience as many beats of those sections as possible.  However, it is possible to book you for 1-2 days, especially later in the season (late July and August).  If you choose to fish it for 1-2 days and combination options are in your mind, we highly recommend Svartá in Bárdardal. If you want to try other options in Laxá, you might want to try the Arnarvatnsá/Helluvatnsá as a combination or go further down the river to fish the Torfur.

Practical Information

Season: May 1st. – October 10th.

Duration: Tour length is according to clients requests

Accommodation: Full board or self-catering available

Number of rods: Several options available


Laxá in Mývatnssveit

Laxá in Adaldal – Torfur

Arnarvatnsá & Helluvatnsá

Svartá in Bárdardal