Arctic char fishing tours

When it comes to fishing the Arctic char rivers in Iceland, there are several things to consider and we want to share them with you.

The size of the char varies in these rivers, but be prepared to have one of the best fishing moments of your life. There are “monsters” up to 9 lbs. in some of these rivers! Still, the average is around 2.2 lbs. In some of these rivers, there is a change to catch nice Sea trout as well. We recommend that our customers try a least two rivers on their trip to experience different waters and surroundings.

Combination possibilities

Brunná and Litlaá are probably better known for their Brown trout and Sea trout fishing, but still a good choice as a combination for char fishing during July and August.  Those two rivers are excellent for dry-fly and small nymph fishing. Lake Skjálftavatn is a part of the Litlaá system,  and offers magnificent opportunity of dry fly fishing, especially in the evening. So, this is a good spot to fish until sunset!  The best time in Brunná for fishing char is early July to middle of August.

Eyjafjardará, Horgá, Svarfadardalsá, Ólafsfjardará and  Fnjóská all run into Eyjafjordur bay. Eyjafjardará and Horgá are close to each others and are good choices to fish as a combination. Eyjafjardará has 5 beats, counted upwards. Beats 4 and 5  have faster water and a shorter distance bank to bank. However, there are many interesting fishing spots to find and this is the home of an enormous Arctic char. Fish up to 9 lbs. have been caught here and every summer few chars 6-7 lbs. are caught. There is also plenty of good spots on the lower beats, a change to catch the big ones on there way up river, but here the char is usually smaller.  Sea trout can be caught in the river late season, especially at the lower beats.  Horga  has 7 beats to choose from and as in the Eyjafjardará, the bigger char is usually found in the upper part of the river. Horgá is a spate river and can therefore get quite muddy on hot summer days and when it´s raining heavily.  If this is the case at the time you want to visit us, we will find other options for you; Fnjoská or Ólafsfjardará e.g.

Ólafsfjardará can be combined in a tour with Svarfadardalsá or Flókadalsá.  It happens, like with Horgá, that Svarfadardalsá is hardly fishable and than Flókadalsá is a better choice.  All those rivers have nice char, but it is still smaller than the char in Eyjafjardará, Horgá and Fnjoská. Still, it can be many of them and it is not uncommon that one angler catches 15 – 20 fish a day.  Hogni recommends those rivers for families. They are suitable for beginners and younger fly fishermen.

Practical Information

Season: 1st July – September 30th.

Duration: Tour length according to client’s requests

Accommodation: Full board or self-catering available

Number of rods: Several options available


Litlaá og Skjálftavatn